Chemistry as a Language, Chinese as a Landscape

Page Two

Page Two

A Calculus Oasis on the sands of trigonometry (2013, viii + 252 pages)
Available as a paperback from, or free pdf here:

Calc Oasis 6/12/13 rev.


Kindred German / Exotic German (2011, revised 2013)
Approx. 450 pdf pages. Click here for pdf:

Kindred German / Exotic German

Japanese Grammar From Scratch (2003)
This is a novel analysis of Japanese syntax, from the ground up.

Japanese Grammar (pdf)

Annotated music transcription (1999) of Nusrat's
"Tumeh [Tumhen] Dil Lagi Bhool Jani Paregee" (a qawwali song, with Urdu & English text, plus Urdu glossary)

Music Transcription: Nusrat (pdf)

Berkeley High School (1961)
Los Angeles City College (music classes, 1961-1964)
UCLA (B.A., Oriental Languages, 1970)
Harvard University (Ph.D., Chinese language and linguistics, 1975)
Century College (coursework in chemistry and calculus, 2004-2006)
U. of Minnesota (coursework in calculus and statistics, 2006-2007)


On the boundary between laboratory 'givens' and laboratory 'tangibles', Foundations of Chemistry (2010) 12:187-202

Using logic to define the Aufbau-Hund-Pauli relation: a guide to teaching orbitals as a single, natural, unfragmented rule-set, Foundations of Chemistry (2014) 16:93-106 

Recovering from Libet's Left Turn into Veto-as-Volition: A Proposal for Dealing Honestly with the Central Mystery of Libet (1983),
Open Journal of Philosophy (2012) (

The Dao De Jing Minus Ninety-six Percent: A Troubled Text Relieved of Its Politics and Bloat;
and Another Look at the Indic Influence Puzzle, Sino-Platonic Papers (2012) Number 221 (

A Map: Plotting 300 pages of 'longitude' against 300 years of 'latitude' to elucidate the nested narratives of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights,
in Bronte Studies April 2013, 93-110.


Paper presented at the 2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Grand Valley State College, full title:
Unsung hero of the electrochemical cell: the wave front traveling near c
. Click below for pdf.

Unsung hero of electrochemical cell (pdf)

Next is a short piece whose internal title is
"Quadrille dance and shotgun wedding."
It addresses the question: 
"Once for all,
what REALLY happened in 1925, 1926, 1927
regarding quantum theory?"

click to download 1925-1926-1927.pdf

Title of the Meyer_Lem_Schr pdf is
"Life without the art-historical time-line:
a proposal for coming to terms
with Hive-World living"

click to download Meyer_Lem_Schr_pdf

For 1973 recording of a 辛棄疾 poem recited by Prof. 楊雲萍 in 閩南話, go to, play video, see references to 賈伯康博士 (Dr. Boyce) at 0:23-0:41 and at 3:10-3:20 (excerpt from Boyce dissertation tape).

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Chinese book trailer on youtube